Each school maintains a safety plan including procedures for both evacuation and lockdown. For any emergency that would cause the staff and student to evacuate the building, the safety plan includes an evacuation site. The school's evacuation site is the LDS church located 2051 S. Emerson Avenue. Teachers, staff, and students are aware of the plan, have been trained on all procedures, and practice the procedures with regularity. The safety plan requires that all doors except the front door remained locked at all times and visitors are required to sign in at the front office and receive a visitor badge. 

In addition, Longfellow is required each year to participate in nine (9) school wide evacuation drills. We schedule one (1) per month. In some cases the weather may not cooperate with a schedule drill, however we are required to have a drill schedule each month of the school year for safety reasons. 


Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students)
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An innovative program being used by schools across America which helps students to be positively impacted by the committed involvement of fathers and father figures in their life. Our goal is to have fathers and father figures (Dads, granddads, uncles, step-dads, adult brothers, etc.) spend at least one day this school year at Longfellow to be a positive male role model and provide an extra set of eyes and ears. Signing Up is Easy!  | Sign Up Instructions

Join the Longfellow PTO
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The PTO is one way parents can become involed with their child's education. Every parent is encouraged to take an active part in the operation of Longfellow School.  You will find volunteering at school a positive rewarding experience. The PTO meets monthly. Watch the newsletter for times and location. Or email us at longfellowptomail@gmail.com.  Learn more about volunteer opportunities at Longfellow.